To avoid disappointment when making a booking with one of our playmates, please take into consideration that most of our girls study and work full-time and as a result their time is precious. Therefore it is highly recommended to make all bookings in advance to ensure you can see the playmate of your choice. A minimum of 2-4 hours notice is required for all bookings. Weekend bookings must be made 48hours in advance.


We require your name, address, phone number and age, when making all bookings. If you find yourself staying in a hotel, the address, room number and phone number of the establishment is also required. This information is for the security of our girls and will not be disclosed to any external parties under any circumstances.


We ask that you behave in a respectful manner at all times and this includes when making bookings or speaking to a representative from our establishment. Rude, obnoxious or derogatory remarks or behaviour of any description will not be tolerated. If you behave in any of these manners you will not be seeing a playmate and you will be permanently blocked from accessing our services.


It is a requirement of seeing one of our playmates that you are fully showered and groomed prior to your booking. Our girls are meticulously groomed and shower before every booking and ask that you do the same. On overnight bookings it is required that your companion for the night get a minimum of 4 hours sleep. They will also need time to eat and drink and always have access to personal sanitation.


Each of our girls loves to indulge in a glass of wine or bubbly over dinner or in the privacy of your company but will under no circumstances consume drugs with their clients. They also reserve the right to refuse any client they deem as being heavily intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. This will result in the client being barred from our service in future and they will incur the full costs of the original booking.


Please do not ask any of our playmates to have “natural” or “bareback” relations of any sort with you or anything else. Our girls practice safe and hygienic practices at all times and any gentleman implying that a playmate partake in unsafe activities will be politely declined, and then placed on our permanent block list. You will also be charged for your entire booking regardless of if it has been fully delivered. Our playmates wish for a safe and mutually stimulating experience for all involved and expect that you require the same.

Our playmates use our agency as a means to maintain their own anonymity and personal safety at all times. Please do not ask any of our girls for their personal contact information as this creates an uncomfortable situation for all involved and will result in you not being seen again by anyone from Elegant Escorts. Our girls fully respect your privacy and expect the same consideration in return from their clients.